The "magic button" for processes and workflows.

Companies often find it difficult to manage their routines and processes – even with heavy front-end investment in management systems – many of them not properly managed. It's commonplace for corporations to manage complex routines through standard forms and spreadsheets; fragile solutions that are often the source of inefficiency, rework, and operational errors.

Pipefy helps SMBs keep track of all their daily routines and processes in a simple, easy-to-use manner. The sleek and intuitive interface allows all employees in a company to understand and fulfill their individual tasks - reducing numerous (and common) communication problems. In addition, Pipefy software makes it possible to generate comprehensive, detailed reports on company productivity in order to facilitate organizational decision-making.

What were the challenges?

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What were the solutions?

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Meet Pipefy

Pipefy is the best software workflow tool I have found in years for agile teams. It is extremely easy to use while maintaining all information needed for a successful project execution. I shared it with my entire team and everyone regardless of their technical background fell in love with it immediately

Leandro Johann Lorem ipsum dolor at pipefy

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