Implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics® AX

Optimize your business processes to compete globally.

Microsoft Dynamics® AX is a business management system (ERP), complete, developed to support companies of any size or maturity stage in several of its management needs. With Microsoft Dynamics® AX, your company can streamline processes, work more efficiently and significantly increase the competitive level - both regional and global.

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Dynamics® AX is to simplify your business processes, greatly improving productivity at the same time behaves fully adjustable way to monitor the growth of your company, either at the entry of new users, new business lines or channels (both regional and global).

Dynamics AX
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We put into production in a few months

With the focus in the process of your company, raise the need, we iterations with your team and in a few months put the Microsoft Dynamics® AX production, to optimize processes and achieve globally.

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Consulting and training

Improve processes and meet best practice

We know in detail all of the Microsoft Dynamics® AX processes, we can help employees better understand each and show the best practices of each stage.

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Integration and improvements

We integrate, we customized and improved Microsoft Dynamics® AX so that it fits perfectly to your needs.

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Rescue and environmental control

If your company has Microsoft Dynamics® AX, but is in need of a help to put the environment and the product on the rails again, for sure we can help you.

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We are ready to run on Cloud

If you prefer to put all your running environment in Microsoft Azure, so you do not worry about infrastructure and stay focused on business.

Yes, we can help you!