In the atelier - French for "workshop" - the craftsman historically used his well-honed skills to develop customized products through a mastery of his trade. He was responsible for overseeing each part of the construction process - from the choice of raw materials to manufacturing to packaging and delivery. At Ateliware, we liken ourselves to "software artisans" - talented people who understand the demands of the customer and participate in each and every step of the product life cycle, from analysis to development to testing to delivery.

Two adjectives that effectively summarize our project delivery guidelines are "rational" and "effective". At Ateliware, we understand that software - above all else - needs to deliver results. And for that, it must be both robust and custom-tailored to each customer's unique needs. Therefore, our software delivery process (product deployment and development) starts with a craft approach and results in the exacting solution that your company needs.

Escritorio da ateliware

At Ateliware, we believe that good teams must strike a certain balance. Our software craftsmen bring many different skills to the table and enrich each other with their various life and work experiences. In addition, they bond with each other through a shared commitment to perform at a supreme level. We make every effort to provide a working environment which nurtures personal and professional growth, resulting in top-notch output and highly-satisfied customers – project after project.

We believe that our craft approach to software development has the potential to bring numerous benefits to your company. We are available 24/7 to listen to and understand your specific demands in order to present an appropriate and viable solution to your organizational problems. Whether it's Microsoft Dynamics® AX ERP solutions, our bespoke projects, or one of our proprietary products – we can help your company to smooth processes and to maximize productivity and profits. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

How we work

About our work and communication methodology

It's a well-known fact that projects in any area which suffer from communication problems are destined to fail miserably. When project activities are essentially interdependent, proper communication channels becomes of vital importance to a project's ultimate success or failure. Without a team being "on the same page", it's impossible to ensure that these interdependencies are properly addressed.

"Okay, I get it, but what does that mean?" It means that a project without clear communication mechanisms and metrics has a high potential to go wrong. And that's where the difference in our approach lies. We work exclusively with full stack professionals and our team is prepared to speak in the language of your business. The ideal technicians and resources for your project are here at Ateliware.

Como trabalhamos
  • Equipe full stack

    Fullstack and self-managing team

    Mastered and executed with technical expertise and business all stages of software development

  • Comunicação direta com o cliente

    Direct communication with the customer

    We believe that good communication is essential for the success of the project, so we are always close to your team so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Kanban para acelerar as entregas

    Kanban to accelerate deliveries

    The delivery methodology ateliware is the same used in more than 60 countries. Their projects will be controlled with the same approach other companies around the world.

  • Ciclo de desenvolvimento contínuo

    Continuous development cycle

    Iteration and continuous delivery to achieve the highest level when developing software

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